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The American's Cousin by Julie Highmore


The American’s cousin is missing … or is she?

Edie Fox is a Private Investigator. Or at least that’s what she aspires to be. From her cramped office above a shop on the wrong side of town, she just about manages to stay afloat with the odd job spying on cheating spouses.

This all changes when a wealthy young American, desperate to find his missing cousin, hires Edie to track her down.

But things are not as they seem. People are telling lies, lots of them.

Edie needs to work out why, but time is running short. As she gets swept up in the hunt for the American’s cousin, she realises that she’s out of her depth. And as personal and professional boundaries blur, she fears she could lose everything: her business, her family … her life.

Combining a sharp and compelling investigator with an increasingly suspicious first client, THE AMERICAN’S COUSIN keeps readers gripped, as Edie finds herself drawn into a world of secrets, lies and, ultimately, great danger.