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The Wanderer
Houston, Texas

A completely new show that will be presented to the wide public this September in Houston, TX.

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Dallas, TX

It’s a set of funny situations that briefly describe how I spent the last year and what lesson I learned from it.

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Baltimore, MD

As I continue touring with a series of my new shows, I will reveal true sense of superstitions in Baltimore, MD.

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Modern music
Atlanta, GA

A new show featuring my colleagues in stand-up comedy and some popular musicians and singers.

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A video invitation to continuation of a famous McCoist’s North American Tour.


McCoist’s North American Tour

I was repeatedly asked by my fans when and where the second part of MCNA Tour will take part, and I’m glad to announce the first show of the tour will take place in Quebec in the beginning of the next month.

My own comedy

The brand new and to a certain extent philosophical show that will tell you about what I enjoy and what I don’t like in modern stand-up comedy. Book your tickets today in order not to miss a thing about this amazing show!

So far so good

It is the most anticipated show that includes some notable performances from my friends from East Coast as well as my own stories about current social and political issues in our country and in our daily life.

Facing the strange

Modern subcultures don’t fail to impress me. Every day I find something new about this world, especially if it concerns our youth. I invite you to talk about what’s going on with youngsters and how it influences them.

Walking a line

As a compilation of my older performances, this show represents everything I have learnt and seen since my stand-up career began. These stories and situations that I witnessed long ago will definitely amaze you!

Sunny Stories

Recently I’ve been to Miami Beach where I participated in shooting of a comedy short. There I gathered some hilarious experiences concerning different topics that I would like to share with you this autumn.