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Early Years
Developing the talent of a stand-up comedian and actor.

My first participation in various shows, concerts and competitions started when I was in the 10th grade in my secondary school. I started with “telling stories” two years before my first participation in any competition or show and it definitely was the time of a really good practice for me.

Since taking a second place in Young Talents Competition in 2006, I have been practicing a lot and performing on various stages. It helped me in my future career, when I tried my hands at competing with other young comedians. However, I didn’t know anything about stand-up until 2010.

Start of Stand-Up
Discovering stand-up as a genre.

2010 became a breakthrough year for me. I visited various venues and took part in shows and competitions that allowed me to present my talent.

After taking first place in Talent Showcase 2010 in Stand-Up nomination, I decided to connect my life with entertaining people and making them smile.

From May to December I have numerously appeared on different performances and shows of other comedians and TV anchors who invited young and talented actors and comedians to showcase their talents and take part in various improvisations.

On The Big Screen
First experience in TV shows.

Two years after touring the northern and southern states of the US, I was invited to take part in a miniseries, produced by 2TV channel.

The series was shot in a month’s time and became a huge success right after the pilot episode was aired. Every actor and actress of the series became famous.

My career on television continued in 2014, when I played the leading role in the 23-episode series “Life of a Comedian”, where I shared my personal views on the stand-up comedian career, its advantages and disadvantages and some funny facts of the profession. My friends and colleagues were also featured in some episodes of the series. Shortly afterwards the camera crew was awarded for the best script and acting.

Continued Success

Today I continue to strive for excellence in entertaining people and delivering original jokes and stories from everyday life as well as situations that we happen to be in from time to time. I think that the greatest award for me as a comedian is to hear my viewers laughing, and of course, applauding – the latter is especially valuable to any showperson.


As well as any other comedian, I see my job in not just entertaining people, but also in making it the most original way possible. I try to involve the audience, so that viewers could be a part of the show.

I owe my experience to the people who are today known as real professionals in stand-up comedy. I think I am really lucky to know them personally.

If you are looking for a high quality humor or if you are fed up with the same old jokes, I am always glad to see you on my shows!

my films

Transforming the sound

A biographic movie of “The Conquerors” rock group with me as a guest star.

Summer romantics

A romantic comedy where I perform the role of a good friend and adviser.

Life of a comedian

One of my most widely known movies, where I speak about my professional career.