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My Books

The American's Cousin
The American's Cousin


A twisty and gripping psychological thriller that keeps you guessing. THE AMERICAN’S COUSIN combines wit and suspense, in a dark and unsettling first case for investigator Edie Fox − one that blurs the professional and the personal with terrifying results.

The Birthday Cover
The Birthday


It's easy to make mistakes. The hard part is keeping them hidden....

The message Cover
The Message


'Her breakthrough book... With dual voices and fluctuating time, it tells a sensitive tale of picking up life again and of possible second chances, all in a lovely style' - Bookseller

Beautiful Strangers Cover
Beautiful Strangers


‘Classic, warm-hearted comedy’ - Bookseller

‘This quick and enjoyable read is written in a refreshingly subtle understated style. It’s perfect if you are looking for something light for a few hours of indulgent escapism’ - Daily Record

Kiss Me Quick Cover
Kiss Me Quick


‘Where Highmore excels is in the unsentimental way she writes about the dilemmas life throws at us. There’s also a mordant, black humour to her writing, which keeps the froth at bay’ - Glamour

'Her humour and unsentimental manner make for the perfect beach read' - Times of India

Sleeping Around Cover
Sleeping Around


'Highmore excels in taking a witty and somewhat wry look at relationships, and in Sleeping Around" families in all their forms take centre stage, with added spice coming from their histrionics, fanciable house sitters, and flights to France' - Publishing News

'A funny and clever novel. A quirky examination of desire, selfishness and the surprising nature of love and relationships. Very seductive!' - Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin

'A hilarious and honest look at everyday life' - Sun

Play It Again Cover
Play It Again?


'A witty, wry observant tale of mixed relations' - Bookseller

'A tangled, complicated tale of love and life' - Closer

Pure Fiction Cover
Pure Fiction


‘She writes wonderfully well. Her style is restrained and supremely confident, pruned of unnecessary detail and sparkling with mordant wit’ - Wendy Holden

‘Compulsive reading’ - Daily Express

Country Loving Cover
Country Loving


‘It’s lovely. It’s delightful. It’s funny and observant and truthful... I really, really liked it’ - Philip Pullman

‘She writes wonderfully well. Her style is restrained and supremely confident , pruned of unnecessary detail and sparkling with mordant wit.... Pacy and witty, Highmore’s take on the country comedy is as fresh, crisp and delicious as a new organic carrot. An extremely promising debut’ - Express

‘I have read COUNTRY LOVING and enjoyed it. I like her totally unsentimental angle on country living, and the eccentric and quirky characters... It will do well’ - Rosamunde Pilcher

‘Julie Highmore’s warm-hearted novel COUNTRY LOVING, about moving to the country, revels in the hazards of the rural life as well as its seductive attractions’ - Publishing News

‘Funny, original and dazzlingly assured. I adored everything about this excellent book’ - Jill Mansell

‘So enjoyable... It’s a lovely read’ - Catherine Alliott