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Beautiful Strangers

Beautiful Strangers by Julie Highmore


When Welsh Cait joins a singles' week for the over-45s in Oxford and discovers there are far more women than men, she resigns herself to the promised concerts, museum visits and punting with a something of a heavy heart. Little does she know that just one spur-of-the-moment decision will lead both herself and fellow party member, Ralph, to discover a completely different side to the city - One in which Cait falls hopelessly in lust with a local thirty-year-old, and Ralph ends up pursued by both the police and a violent drug-dealing gang.

When the American member of the party, Daniel, goes in search of Cait and Ralph, he too finds himself caught up in Oxford's exotic 'parallel universe', with strange consequences that lead him to an idylic north Wales smallholding...and maybe the woman of his dreams?