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About me

Before writing novels, I worked in teaching and publishing. Before that, I was bringing up my family, while also studying for a degree, working in various pubs and offices, and quietly writing short stories and the odd not-brilliant poem. Before that, I was the daughter of an RAF officer, forever moving and managing to notch up fourteen schools - hence the late degree!

I love writing. I love going into the zone, then looking up and seeing four hours have passed. Time for tea and toast! I love interacting with my characters, who, unlike real people, do exactly as I tell them. Actually, that’s not entirely true, as they often take me by surprise, or even take over the story, or the story itself takes charge – for example, there might be a knock at the door and I have no idea who’s there. Those random moments make writing even more fun. Also, if I don’t know what’s going to happen, neither, hopefully, will the reader.

So, yes, I enjoy writing, but I’m also an occasional property doer-upper, a keen, if not always successful cook, and a devourer of books, including many crime and psychological-suspense novels – see my bookshelves here (goodreads link). I love hanging out with my ever-expanding family and my friends, but I’m also content spending hours and hours alone with my thoughts – an essential trait for a novelist!

I’ve written ten novels, the latest of which is a departure from the earlier romantic comedies. The American’s Cousin is the first in a crime series and introduces Edie Fox, private investigator. I’ve tried to retain some of the humour of previous novels, whilst creating an increasingly menacing and dangerous situation for my protagonist. I do hope you’ll enjoy it.

I live in Oxford (beautiful, intellectual, multicultural) with my lovely husband, but am often in Brighton (grand, vibrant, edgy), where my son and his family live.


My first book will be released this summer.

As I said in some of my previous interviews, my first book about being a stand-up comedian is going to be published this July. Though I don’t have any information about when the book will be in stores, you can already read its fragment on my website.

Did you

My career started from a pure improvisation 10 years ago.

My first stand-up performance took place in the secondary school, where I was studying at that moment. Though I didn’t take the first place in the school’s talent competition, my stand-up performance was awarded with Sympathy Prize of Viewers.


McCoist’s North American Tour 2015 continues this spring.

Described by the Fun magazine as “an impressive and groundbreaking performance of the most famous stand-up stars of Canada, the USA and Mexico”, my North American Tour continues this spring, starting on March 1 in Quebec, moving through almost every city in these three countries.


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